White Galloways

White Galloway genetics in Australia are descended from cattle registered in Canada. White Galloways are a distinct breed in the same manner as Belted Galloways. White Galloways carry the “white park colour pattern” whereas the Belted Galloway carries the “belted/sheeted colour pattern”. Colour patterns invariably denote separate breeds and are much more complex genetically than colour which is usually controlled by just a single gene.

The origins of White Galloways in Australia arose in the USA and Canada. The first import into Canada was in 1966. The White Galloway section of the Canadian Galloway Herd Book was created in 1990. The breed was approved by the Canadian government under the Canadian Livestock Pedigree Act in 1991, thus becoming a government accredited breed.

The first White Galloway genetics entered Australia in the mid 1990s. The forerunner of today’s two Galloway associations The Galloway Cattle Society of Australia, accepted cattle from Section III: White Galloways of the Canadian  Galloway Herd Book as Fullblood White Galloways; note it goes on to state White Galloways are not fullblood Galloways.

The Australian Galloway Association’s Registration Rules Section 5 – White Galloways uses the identical reference to Section III: White Galloways as the old Galloway Cattle Society of Australia. Galloways Australia also recognises Canadian Galloway Association White Galloways.

Why do White Galloways look like Speckle Parks? Both carry the same “White Park Colour Pattern” i.e. both are breeds descended from a breed or breeds that carry the “White Park Colour Pattern” such as the White Park and British White breeds. The “White Park Colour Pattern” is genetically dominant or incompletely dominant, this means that it visually presents itself in most generations. See the paper presented to the White Galloway conference in Germany in 2014 for more information. Both are breeds developed in Canada and accepted by the Canadian government. In fact, the Canadian White Galloway was developed from the same dam that developed the Speckle Park. Both started out as composites like virtually all modern breeds. The Speckle Park website has further information.