Galloways Australia was formed in December 1997 by a number of Australian Galloway cattle breeders to promote, protect and market the three breeds within the Galloway Family to the beef industry. 

Galloways Australia is committed to:

  • promoting Galloway cattle and Galloway beef
  • developing group marketing strategies
  • foster performance measurement, recording, quality control systems
  • encourage the maintenance of quality Galloway seedstock
  • supporting our members and educating others
  • encouraging collaboration and shared learning, and
  • providing quality systems for administration.

Our Galloway Cattle

Two Galloway Bulls of Different Ages

Our animals are known for

  • Calving ease, great mothering and fertility
  • producing well marbled, flavoursome, juicy and tender meat from grass
  • great feed efficiency and non-selective grazing habits,and
  • inquisitive, easy to handle and train.

The Galloway is one of the oldest recorded cattle breeds in the world and possibly one of the purist.

The Galloway Family consists of three distinct breeds

  • Galloway Cattle
  • Belted Galloway
  • White Galloway

We believe we have something special to offer both large and small beef enterprises.

We invite you to explore further

Our Association and People

Dun Galloway Cow with Young Silver calf
Dun Galloway Cow

Galloways Australia Association aims to promote the unique features of the Gallowy breeds and beef. We are active in protecting the genetics of the Galloway breeds while promoting the benefits of our cattle.

We work with our members to promote and market Galloway Cattle and beef products to the public

We are an association for members and run by members.

Throughout the year we host on farm field days and actively participate in shows and field days.

We invite you to learn more about the association, its aims and how you can contribute to the protection of our great breed.

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