Belted Galloway

The Belted Galloway breed (The Beltie) started and was devloped in teh austere hill country in the Galloway area of south-west Scotland. It is blieved to have originated more than 400 years ago; the result of crossing the Galloway cattle with the Dutch Lakenvelder ( A horned, dairy breed) to product a multi-purpose dairy, beef and wool animal, that could deal with the harsh conditions of a Scottish winter.

Common to other members of the Galloway family, the Beltieis a naturally polled (hornless) animal. The distinctive belt markings are also dominant. Full blood (100%) Belties are black with a white belt and occasionally express a recessive red colour with a white belt. Graded Beltie colours can be black, dun (brown or silver) or red with a white belt.

Herd of Belted Galloway
Herd of Belted Galloway

Registration (Show) Standard

To be registered in the Galloways Australia Herdbook (Stud register) – Section 2 – Belted Galloways and subsequently eligible for showing, the animal must:

  • It must be at least 93.75 % Belted Galloway Ancestry
  • be black, dun, silver or red with a complete belt of white hair encircling it’s body
  • the belt must be between the back of the front legs and the front of the back legs where the legs join the body with no white on its legs, except for females where the belt may extend onto the udder
  • have no coloured patches within the belt, except for males where there will be colour on the pizzle that may be within the belt
  • must not have any other white hair elsewhere on its body.

A Belted Galloway with an incomplete belt, colour within the belt or some white on its body may be registered in Section 2 Appendix register.

This information has been provided for general information and members should refer to the latest version of the Galloways Australia Registration Rules and Regulations.