Your name and address are included in the register of members we are legally obliged to maintain and make available for inspection by members. The register has to show when a member joins and when he or she ceases to be a member. The member
register must be maintained as long as the Association exists.

The names and addresses of owners and breeders are included on registration certificates whether available in hard copy or electronically for the purposes of identification and traceability.

A primary objective of the Association is to facilitate beneficial contact among members so that we can learn from each other and enter into cooperative activities to support our breeding and commercial aims. So, like many other similar bodies, we circulate to all members a list of members with whatever information they prefer about contact details and cattle interests.

This practice makes it easy to direct enquirers to someone in their area or with similar interests. We all become recruiters and our office holders are relieved of the burden of having to deal with all enquiries.

You can also include information about your enterprise on the Association website or in any Association publications. The conditions applying to these are as advised from time to time.

We may seek additional information to help better understand your needs so that Association activities can be designed to meet them. Any such information would not be divulged to anyone else without your express permission.

The following sets out the detail of how we collect and manage information. These practices are in compliance with the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

The Collection of Personal Information

Galloways Australia collects personal information from its Members, Associates and from other third parties (both in Australia and overseas).

Galloways Australia collects personal information to be used in relation to its publications, promotions, website and data compilation.

The personal information collected by Galloways Australia may include your name, address details, contact numbers, email addresses, and website details.

Galloways Australia also collects information about details of your livestock, which may include performance information.

Use of Personal Information

Galloways Australia may use your personal information to:

  • establish a contact directory for publication
  • offer you new products and services
  • communicate with you
  • administer livestock databases
  • participate in biosecurity arrangements
  • create publications
  • write press releases
  • connect members with other people or organisations preparing material beneficial to the Association and its members
  • improve the Galloways Australia’s website for members and the general public’s usage
  • generate aggregated information about the Association and Galloway breeds
  • make the general public aware of the Galloway breeds, and
  • inform Members and Associates of your contact details.

You may elect not to consent to the Galloways Australia’s use of your personal information beyond the member register. Galloways Australia may then be unable to provide its services or be able to provide only restricted services.

Quality of Personal Information

Galloways Australia undertakes all reasonable steps to ensure that the information collected and held is accurate; however, it is the responsibility of each Member or Associate to notify Galloways Australia of any amendments necessary to update their records when there is a change.


Galloways Australia will ensure that all personal information is held in an appropriately secure manner.
From time to time, information may be sent electronically or by mail to various parties. Galloways Australia will use its best efforts to ensure that all personal information is protected and is not misused, altered without consent of the owner, or accessed in any unauthorised way.
Your personal information will be kept for future historical use for an indefinite period, even when you are no longer a member of Galloways Australia.

The member register must be maintained as long as the Association exists.


When you visit the Galloways Australia website, some information from your computer may be stored by our Website Hosting Provider. This information is captured in the form of statistics to help the Association better direct its communication activities through the website.
Galloways Australia uses IP addresses (i.e. the electronic addresses of computers connected to the Internet) to analyse trends, track user movement, administer our website and gather general information about usage of our website in order to enable us to understand and better cater to the needs of users of our website.


All Members and Associates, on signing the application form and joining the Association, will have accepted Galloways Australia’s use of personal information unless their consent is withheld in writing.
All Members and Associates, who joined the Association prior to 1 October 2009, will be deemed to have accepted Galloways Australia’s use of personal information unless consent is withheld in writing.

Access to Personal Information

As a Member or Associate, you have the right to access any personal information the Galloways Australia holds about you, and to access the member register. You do nothave the right to access other personal information relating to another person that isnot generally available without that person’s agreement.

Please direct any enquiries in writing to:
The Secretary
Galloways Australia Inc.
PO Box 309
HALL, ACT, 2618