Fees and charges are currently under review as noted in the 2021 Annual General Meeting. A simplified fees and charges scheme will be implemented in July 2022. Please contact the Secretary for more details.

Galloways Australia prefers payment by direct deposit BSB 032-778 (Westpac) Acc: 190032 (Galloways Australia). If payment by cheque please make out to Galloways Australia Inc. For both payment methods please ensure your details and purpose are listed in the reference. Galloways Australia does not charge GST.

If you require an invoice please contact the Secretary to arrange.

Fees and Charges with Effect from 1 July 2022

Annual Association Membership Fees

Galloways Australia has annual membership fees. Under the ACT Governments Model Rules a member can only be a single person. Members agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and the registrations rules and regulations.

Members Fee $AUD
Initial Membership fee(goes towards 1st year annual fee) and annual member fee$155
Initial Associate fee and annual associate fee$80
Junior up to 21 yrs with up to 3 animals plus direct progeny$40
Table of membership fees

Stud Registration

Please be sure to complete your stud registration form including your preferred Stud Prefix

Register Stud Name and Prefix (Tattoo number)$50
Successor Herd$40
Table of stud registration fees

Stud Animal Registration

Stud Animal RegistrationFirst 10 Registration (per head)Subsequent Registrations (per head)
Full Certificate 12 months and under$30$15
Full Certificate over 12 months$40$25
Table of stud animal registration fees

To be eligible for registration animals must meet the requirements set out in the Galloway’s Australia Registration Rules and Procedures. PDF

Successor Animal and Steer Registration

Successor animal and steersFirst 10 registration in one year (per head) Subsequent registrations (per head
Full certificate under 24 months$15$5
Full Certificate over 24 months$20$10
Table of fees for successor and steer registration

Successor animals and steer registration allow for listing Belted Galloways ineligible for registration in the Belted Galloway herdbook to be recognised and enable percentage requirements to be considered in future progeny, alternatively successor registration enables cross bred Galloways and Galloway steers to be formally recognized for inclusion in the Certified Galloway Beef Program and to meet show requirements.

Transfer Fees

Transfer fees are required when registered animals are transferred between owners. Given the lifetime registration fee for all animals this allows appropriate records to be maintained.

Transfer FeeFee
Per stud animals (within 60 days of sale)
– Member$30
Per successor breeding animal
– Associate$15
– Member$10
Transfer from another association$10
Table of transfer fees

Other Fees

Certificate issues after listing$10
Inspection and TestingCost recovery
Table containing other fees

All fees and charges with effect 1 July 2022