Miniature Galloways

Galloways Australia maintains a Miniature Galloway Register which is totally separate from the “standard’ Stud Register.

The Miniature Galloway Register has three sections:

*Miniature Galloway,
*Miniature Belted Galloway, and,
*Miniature White Galloway.

Once an animal in the Miniature Register exceeds the specified height (currently not to exceed 125cm at the hip for bulls and not to exceed 120cm at the hip for females) its registration is cancelled.

An animal can not move from the Miniature Galloway Register to the “standard” Stud Register.
There are two distinct and separate paths available for an animal to be entered into the Galloways Australia Miniature Galloway Register. These paths are based on the genetic makeup of the “foundation” Miniature Galloways and the genetic requirements to fix a genetic trait such as height.

It is known that the “foundation” miniatures were not 100% Galloway. It is known that some of the “foundation” miniatures’ registration certificates do not reflect true birth dates, tattoos, breeder or breeding. Other irregularities are also known. All miniature Galloways descended from ‘foundation” miniatures go directly into their appropriate Miniature Galloway Register section. Animals within the Miniature Galloway Register that grow beyond the specified height have their registration cancelled.

Some people have opted to breed for lower height using stock selected from the “standard” Stud Register. This was the method used to create the Lowline breed. This method requires rigorous breeding selection using only animals with the lowest heights; it also requires rigorous culling of over size animals. Genetic science tells us that at least five generations of successful breeding to achieve a trait is required before that trait is considered fixed. Fixed is the scientific term used to indicate that a trait will be replicated in future breeding with a reasonable confidence level. Once an animal can show it has five generations of achieving miniature height requirements behind it the animal can move from the “standard” Stud Register to the Miniature Galloway Register. Once in the Miniature Galloway Register an animal or its progeny can not return to the “standard’ Stud Register.

“Standard” Stud Register Animals moving along the path to miniature status by selection remain in the “standard” Stud Register. These animals have the number of successful generations (1 to 5) of successful miniature size breeding behind them included as a suffix after their name on their Certificate of Registration. Their Certificate of Registration will also have the letters EMS as a suffix after their name, EMS stands for Eligible for Miniature Showing. If an animal grows beyond the specified height it has the suffixes removed and their progeny’s number of generations of successful achievement of miniature height are adjusted down accordingly. However the animal remains in the ‘standard” Stud Register as it has not had the number of generations required to consider it has modified its genetic profile away from a “standard” height. The suffixes are designed to give both buyer and seller a degree of confidence in an animal’s ability to breed progeny that will conform to miniature height requirements.

Galloways Australia does not use a height chart related to age because it has been noted from experience, that such a height chart is not an accurate way of forecasting an animal’s ability to remain within the miniature height requirement over its entire life. It is noted that the Galloway breeds continue to grow for around five years and that growth, including height, is subject to a multitude of variable factors.

Galloways Australia requires animals in either miniature pathway to be measured for height compliance five years after registration, at the time of a proposed transfer (regardless of age) and prior to exhibition and/or showing (regardless of age). Measurement of animals registered with Galloways Australia has been undertaken regardless of age and animals over height or approaching height at a young age have lost the miniature status they may have had and if already in the Miniature Register their registration is cancelled and they are removed from the Register. Such actions have already occurred. 

A factor in this process is the fact that many people have been disappointed when a change of environment results in a taller animal or progeny. This may relate to available energy or protein levels especially for animals less than 180kg weight. Breeders intending to breed Miniature Galloways breeds in a genetically responsible way require commitment to their goal of Miniature Galloways and a degree of ruthlessness in culling the over height animals from their stud program.