Galloway beef is considered by increasing numbers of people to be tender and flavoursome and was so acknowledged and recorded many hundred years ago. Galloways are pre-eminently a beef-producing breed. Their flesh is mottled or marbled fat and lean intermixed, and it was this quality which gave them their ancient fame, and which led to their being bred specially to supply the markets of England with beef of extra quality.

There is no other breed of cattle which can lay such claims to the title "purebred" as the Galloways. It has never been said in any well- informed quarter that the Galloway is not an original and distinct breed of cattle. It had no mixture with other breeds. All the improvements in the breed have come from within by careful selection.

There is no breed of cattle which can more truly be said to be indigenous to the country and incapable of improvement by any foreign cross. Youatt says: "The intelligent Galloway breeder is now perfectly satisfied that his stock can only be improved by adherence to the pure breed. And this experience has been arrived at by long and careful experiments".