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An Ancient Lineage with Modern Economic and Carcase Traits

Three breeds, Galloway, Belted Galloway and White Galloway add value to the beef industry.

Scientific evidence highlights the Galloways:

  • calving ease,
  • Galloway raised more calves to weaning than any other breed, a major economic plus,
  • produce well marbled, flavoursome, juicy and tender meat from grass, a major health and marketing plus,
  • feed efficiency and non-selective grazing habits, an economic and environmental plus.


Add their great temperament and hardiness and you have a great package for tomorrow. A package shared with Belted Galloways and White Galloways.

Galloways Australia is committed to preserving, the Galloway breeds’ genetic makeup to ensure the continuation of the breeds’ ability to excel.

We hope you find our website of interest, please contact us regarding any aspect of the Galloway cattle breed or our Association's activities.

Want to know more about us?

We are a volunteer run association incorporated under the ACT Association Incorporation Act.

Our objectives are to:

  • promote Galloway cattle and Galloway beef - we know we have something special and we want to share it
  • develop group marketing strategies - we want create value for our members and make sure we continue to have a use for Galloways in Australia
  • foster performance measurement, recording, quality control systems,  -  we want to prove that we are special and ensure we continue to improve our quality
  • encourage the maintenance of quality Galloway seedstock -  we need to protect the genetics of the breed for future generations.


The Galloways Australia committee invites you to share our future - Join us here.

Events and COVID19

COVID19 is still impacting on many events.

Mudgee Field day has been postponed from July but has been rescheduled to he 5-6 of November.

Galloways Australia also supports our members attending Melbourne show from the 23 September to 3 October. 

Murrumbatemen Field day is on this year along with our Annual General Meeting 16-17 October.


For Sale

Members and breeders can list animals for sale on our website.  Just send an e-mail to the Secretary a image of the animal (under 2 MB) details, any conditions of sale (such as to be sold as commercial, stud, as a group etc) and the price. You will need to agree to your contact details being listed on the advertisment. 

Animals for Sale are listed at the request of the owner.