A Guide to Entering Shows

Entering shows takes organisation which needs to start some months prior to the event. It is recommended that you start a timeline using the closing date for entries and working backwards to clarify what needs to be done when.

Decide on which animals will be in your show team. Each animal in your team needs registration with a breed association such as Galloways Australia, and for bulls includes registering a DNA Sire trace. 

Tattoos are a part of the registration process and are inspected at shows to ensure tattoos have been done and are legible.

Each animal must also have Pestivirus certification in addition to a completed Herd Health Status form. This documentation needs to be sent with entries.

Obtaining registration can take 6-8 weeks or longer depending on the research required into antecedents and processing DNA testing for bulls.

Pestivirus testing needs to be supervised by a vet in many jurisdictions and can take several weeks for results to be available.

Royal Shows require entries 8 weeks or more in advance (e.g. Royal Canberra Show on the last weekend in February has a closing date for entries in the first week of December). Local shows usually have shorter entry period. If a show has a website, the entry forms and registration Rules (Schedule) will usually be available there.

Google “show and field day calendar” for dates and contacts. Once you have entered a show, you will be sent entry information each subsequent year.

For information about:

  • Tattooing, Registration and Sire trace (DNA testing) see About Us/Registration on this site
  • Pestivirus testing - contact your vet
  • Herd Health Status forms should be provided by the show society when entry forms are requested but more information is available at www.farmbiosecurity.com.au/toolkit/declarations-and-statements.

Please contact:

The Secretary, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have queries about entering shows