Jim Wilson Memorial Shield

The achievements that this shield represents are difficult to put into perspective.

Firstly, who was Jim Wilson, Jim was an extremely committed Galloway breeder who ran Galloways on rough country in the Numeralla region of southern NSW. Jim was the Commonwealth’s Chief Veterinary Officer prior to his retirement to Galloways, he died still in love with his Galloways around 8 years ago. Jim regularly put Galloway steers in the Cooma Hoof and Hook Competition and regularly won it. One line of full brothers won the Carcase Championship for 4 years running. Jim had a great eye for muscle and I’m pleased to say I still use the last bull bred by Jim. The Galloway world would be a better place if Jim were still with us.

This shield is awarded to the carcase achieving the highest points in a carcase competition throughout the year. In a carcase competition there is none of the subjective judgement that accompanies live steer judging. Carcase judging is strictly objective with each parameter such as meat colour, fat colour, fat depth, eye muscle area, degree of bone aging, being measured against a strict set of measurements.

Carcases either are quality or they are not. The Galloway carcases represented on this shield are incredible quality, the pinnacle of achievement. Each of the carcases that this shield has been awarded to has achieved around 90 or above points out of a possible hundred. Very few breeds can achieve the consistency that this shield represents.

Tonight the presentation of this shield will make two significant breaks from the shield’s past. All previous awards of this shield have been to the Hawkshead stud of the late Eve and Paul Cullen. This, in itself, was a remarkable achievement for the Hawkshead stud. The other break from the past is that this is the first time that a Belted Galloway carcase has won this award.

The winning of this shield is to step into a huge pair of shoes. I consider Merv and Beth Presland, Bekadan Belted Galloway Stud are worthy recipients of those imaginary shoes and the Jim Wilson shield. Their Royal Sydney Show Lightweight Steer Carcase Champion scored 89.92 points and led the Belted Galloway team to a second in the most prestigious Stan Hill Trophy. You are certainly showing that Belties are more than just show. It is an honour to present you with this shield. Congratulations. Jim would be proud of you and your Belties.