July 2022


19 July 2022

Two young heifers just over 12 months old are now looking for their forever home. Calm and relaxed, living in a small herd.

Location: Burra NSW

DOB: June 2021

Price: $1500 ono

Dun Galloway Heifers


Ringwood Galloways are proud to offer for sale 3 registered black Galloways Bulls.  These bulls have an impeccable lineage from Glenkelso Connor known for his muscle development and great nature.  If you are looking to introduce some power to your herd this may be the opportunity for you

Sire: Glenkelso Connor (AI)

DOB  March/April 2021

Location: Bredbo

Price $5000 each ono

Black Galloway Bull – Ringwood
Group of 3 Black Galloway Bulls - Ringwood
Group of 3 Black Galloway Bulls – Ringwood

Sheahan – Steers

Group of 7 Commercial Galloway (4) and Galloway cross animals (5). Weaned in mid June and currently on native and naturalised pasture grasses with lucerne to aid in movement. Are accustomed to working dogs. Fully treated with 7-in-1, Nitrofluke and Cydectin.

Now ready to be transported to new home. 

Please contact Pam by email if interested: pam.sheahan@gmail.com

Sire: commercial Galloway Bull

Location:  Northern Tablelands

Price:  $4 kilogram ono.

Average weight: 285+

DOB:  August/October 2021 (9-10 months)  weaned June 2022

Group of Galloway Steers
7 Steers images
7 Steers and 2 heifers
Group of Galloway steers eating hay
Group of Galloway steers eating hay

Sheahan – Commercial Heifers

Commercial Galloway Heifer X 2  – Sunny and Spec

See information above (7 steers)

Dun Galloway Heifer – Sunny
Dun Galloway Heifer – Spek


Lilliesleaf Galloways is now able to offer a superb young dun bull for sale. Indie has been halter trained and shown at foot with his award-winning mother Minto Irene.   If you are looking for a great starter bull for your heifers Indie might be the bull for you. 

Sire: Minto Lyall                            

Dam: Minto Irene 9th

DOB October 2020

Location: Yass                   

Price $5000 ono

Galloway Bull – Lilliesleaf Indie
Galloway Bull – Lilliesleaf Indie
Galloway Bull – Lilliesleaf Indie

Red Galloway – Fredo

8 July 2022

Red Galloway Bull “Fredo” for sale
Beautiful nature, 3.5yrs old, very quiet, loves cuddles & forehead tickles. Fathered 2 beautiful black Galloway calves in the last 6 months – a heifer & a steer.
Will follow you quietly with a bag of hay… sadly the seller having to sell as they are overstocked & don’t need 2 bulls.. Would be a great breeder or keep him as your pet bully.

Location: Tarago

Price: $3500

Please contact: the GA Secretary for information on this listing.

Red Galloway Bull