Characteristics of Galloway Cattle

Galloway breeders throughout the world consider the most desirable Galloway to be one of medium size; in contrast to some of the larger long legged breeds of cattle.

In confirmation the Galloway will be found to carry its meat from behind the shoulder along the back to the tail, through the buttock and deep into the hock; for this reason Galloway breeders, for centuries, have concentrated on this type of confirmation in their cattle and butchers have found that Galloways, in regard to their curability, marbling and colour of meat mature earlier than most other breeds of cattle.

The important constituent of good meat is its fat percentage. The Galloway will produce a quality carcase with the correct meat to fat ratio laying down the required fat cover over a large well marbled rib eye. This quality which gave them their ancient fame has been maintained by strict adherence within the breed.


The colours are black, dun, and silver dun. There is also a rare recessive red gene. Belted Galloway has the same colouring with a white belt.


Short and wide, with broad forehead and wide nostrils; without the slightest suggestions of horns or scurs.


Eye - Large and prominent.


Ear - moderate in length and broad, pointing forwards and upwards with fringe of long hairs.


Moderate in length, clean, and filling well into the shoulders; the top in a line with the back in a female, and in a male naturally rising with age.


Deep rounded, and symmetrical.


Shoulders - Fine and straight, moderately wide above; coarse shoulder points and sharp or high shoulders are objectionable.


Breast - Full and deep.


Back and Rump - Straight.


Ribs - Deep and well sprung.


Loin and Sirloin - Well filled.


Hook Bones - Not prominent


Hind Quarters - Long, moderately wide, and well filled.


Flank - Deep and full.


Broad, straight, and well let down to hock; rounded buttocks are very objectionable.


Legs - Well boned.


Tail - Well set on, and moderately thick.


Mellow, and moderately thick.


Hair - Soft and wavy, with mossy undercoat; wiry or curly hair is very objectionable.