Applying a Tattoo

A tattoo is a permanent method of identification and is required by Galloways Australia on the Registration of an animal. Galloways Australia tattoos comprise the Stud Prefix, the year letter and herd number; eg. BD J44
The tattoo should be placed in the mid-vein of the right ear when facing the animal. See the diagram above.
Restrain the animal’s head.
Clean area to be tattooed with methylated spirits to avoid infection.
Set pliers (available through rural produce stores or on line) with numbers and letters for desired ID. Test on cardboard. Rinse with Methylated spirits.
Rub area with paste or ink. Firmly clamp ear with tattoo pliers between ribs in ear. Avoid getting tattoo into hair area or on rib. (May use green or black paste or ink. Green fluorescent color works bets on animals with dark hide. Paste generally works better than ink.)
Rub the tattoo punctures full of paste/ink with your finger or toothbrush until bleeding stops.
Tattoo (and register) calves at young age.
Thoroughly clean equipment with Methylated spirits before putting away. 

Inserting Management Tags

Restrain the head to avoid tearing the ear.
Clean the ear with methylated spirits to avoid infection under the tag.
Equipment should be checked for sharpness and smoothness of action before use.
It should be thoroughly cleaned before and after use.
Position ear tags between the two main veins and the cartilage ridges (see diagram
Eartagging tools vary between brands so ensure the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.