Livestock and Business Centre

Livestock and Business Centre was known as Kiama Stud Registration Centre until December 2005. Kiama Stud Registration Centre began operation in January 1970 as the "registering body" for the Illawarra Cattle Society Australia (formerly AIS Society) and as a home for it's Federal Secretariat. The Illawarra Cattle Society of Australia (ICSA) along with other breed societies conducted its business prior to that time through the RAS of NSW. Due to the greater demand for improved services, the ICSA decided to set up its own centre.

The new centre's service to the members of the ICSA was so well received that word spread and the centre was asked to carry out work under contract for other societies Bearing in mind the need to ensure the continuation of first class service to it's members and clients, a management decision was made in 1983 to Incorporate the centre and at the same time offer existing clients the opportunity to become co-owners of the company. The decision to take this step allowed for each society to be given the chance to have a say in the long term planning of all services which utilise the modern technology.

The Kiama Stud Registration Centre Limited (KSRCL) was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on the 14th November 1986. The company is a non-profit organisation. Thus, began the framework that today sees the LBC as the home for four co-owners and 13 Clients, conducting over 200,000 registrations and transfers in the past decade and 15,000 livestock registrations alone in both 1996 and in 1997.

LBC offers the following range of services to all societies, it is then their option which combination best suits their requirements:

  • Animal Records Administration
  • Membership Administration
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Meeting and General Administration
  • Competition and Awards Administration

Galloways Australia is proud to be associated with the Kiama Stud Registration Centre and its provision of a first-class stud registration system for Galloway cattle.