Galloways Australia was formed (as the Galloway Beef Marketing Association) in December 1997 by a number of Australian Galloway cattle breeders to promote and market Galloways to the beef industry. The Association is a formal marketing vehicle consistent with advice given by the NSW Department of Agriculture to have such a forum. Members agreed to change the Association's name to Galloways Australia at its 2009 Annual General Meeting.

The objectives of the association are:

  •  To promote Galloway cattle and Galloway beef
  •  To develop group marketing strategies
  •  To foster performance measurement, recording, quality control systems, and
  •  To encourage the maintenance of quality Galloway seedstock.

Activities facilitated by the Association appeal to commercial and stud Galloway cattle breeders. The Association supports attendance at a number of key field days, shows, and carcase competitions. We also organise a numerous social events and farm visits to promote interaction among Galloway breeders and the beef industry. Galloways Australia is committed to fostering youth interest in agriculture by developing partnerships with secondary school cattle clubs; providing mentoring and animals for competition.

We recognise that Galloway breeders will have a variety of marketing needs, for feeder cattle, grassfed finished cattle, culls, stud animals and herd bulls. Members collaborate to explore, systematically and imaginatively, the best avenues for improved returns from whichever markets they are involved in. The Association has established an identification process to guarantee the ancestry of our cattle - an attribute which will continue to be important for commercial purposes if we are to market Galloway derived beef as something special.

The Association's registration procedures are based on:

  •  integrity of solid colour breeding
  •  separate arrangements for belted and white cattle
  •  recognition of the recency of formal documentation for White Galloways
  •  no upgrading but a commercial register
  •  recognition of comparable registrations by other Australian and overseas Galloway associations
  •  simplicity and low cost
  •  overall control by the membership
  •  the need for an internationally compatible approach, and
  •  integrity of international trade in Galloway genetics.

The consequences of the procedures are that:

  •  Registration for full blood animals (including White Galloways) are available
  •  No animal with a Belted Galloway or White Galloway ancestor will be able to be registered in the solid coloured section, and
  •  There is a basis for merging pedigree, quality assurance and performance information, for comparing stud and commercial cattle and for a traceability system for stock.

Membership of Galloways Australia (formerly known as the Galloway Beef Marketing Association) is very cost effective, and is true value for money. Why not consider Joining Us.