President's Address to 2012 World Congress


I’m Greg Stuart, President of Galloways Australia. I’ve been a Galloway breeder for over 20 years. My business and my income is from direct marketing Galloway and Belted Galloway beef to families, restaurants and two of Australia’s largest Farmer’s Markets. I also market winter Galloway and Belted Galloway hides as luxurious floor rugs or wall hangings. There are seven Galloways Australia members here today, all either breeding or direct marketing Galloway/Belted Galloway cattle and their beef.

Galloways Australia founded in 1997 represents Galloway breeders in all Australian states. The logo represents the three breeds of Galloway that Galloways Australia represents, that is, Galloway, Belted Galloway and White Galloway.

In Australia there are now three associations representing the Galloway breeds. What sets Galloways Australia apart from the others? All of Galloways Australia’s rules and roles are based on indisputable genetic principles and the promotion of all of the Galloway breeds.

What then is Galloways Australia’s Focus?

  • Ensuring that the genetics of the ancient breeds of Galloway and Belted Galloway are conserved in a genuine way,
  • Ensuring that the genetics of the newest member of the Galloway family of breeds, White Galloway, are conserved so that White Galloway remain a distinct, deserving and distinctive member of the Galloway breeds,
  • Promotion of the Galloway family’s unique, genetically derived qualities that make the Galloways’ characteristics so valuable to the future of grass fed, pasture produced beef, and even beef produced from grain based diets,
  • Ensuring that Galloways are part of a dynamic and progressive approach to meeting the needs of the modern, Australian beef industry,
  • Ensuring that members have the knowledge to exploit the Galloways’ unique characteristics and increase the influence of Galloways in the Australian beef industry. This applies to both the beef seedstock industry and to crossbreeding.

Galloways Australia consistently promotes the Galloway breeds as the only cattle breeds I’m aware of, that can support claims of excellent feed efficiency, non-selective grazing habits, excellent fertility, excellent beef quality and an ability to produce healthy, tasty, well marbled meat from eating grass pasture without the need for high grain diets, with valid, peer reviewed scientific data.

Galloways Australia promotes these great characteristics where ever it possibly can.

Galloways Australia organises or supports a number of Dinners each year featuring the beef of the Galloway breeds. These Dinners are often “high end” type Dinners using well known chefs, often Michelin hatted or overseas trained featuring their home country’s style. All these Dinners are designed to promote the flavour, juiciness and marbling of Galloway beef to members of the general public. These Dinners are achieving the result that the name Galloway beef is being associated by the food press as being quality beef.

Galloways Australia’s members support the breeds and promote the Galloway breed characteristics at shows, both local shows and their big brothers, Royal Shows. Our members, over the past couple of years, have exhibited Supreme or Grand Champion Galloways at the major Royal Shows of Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Bathurst. Galloways Australia’s members are also active in carcase competitions, Galloways have, in the past, excelled in these carcase competitions against all breeds.

Field Days are used to promote the Galloway breeds’ characteristics. A number are held each year at various locations. They are open to all and are usually free. They provide excellent opportunities for non-members to become acquainted with Galloway cattle.

The Australian rural press now often has Galloway articles, a far cry from a short time ago.

These activities are continuing to expand Galloways Australia’s membership base and regional coverage throughout Australia. The demand for Galloway beef is often outstripping supply. We now have butchers and restaurants asking to be supplied; unfortunately at the moment not all requests can be filled.

The success of the above activities is driven by those unique Galloway genes and the characteristics they express.

To protect these unique Galloway genes, Galloways Australia maintains separate sections of its Stud Herdbook. The separate sections are for Galloway, Belted Galloway and White Galloway.

Uniquely in Australia, all Galloways Australia registered Galloways must be 100% Galloway, the term in Australia for 100% is full-blood; not pure.

All Galloways Australia registered Belted Galloways must be at least 93.75% Belted Galloway and their % Belted Galloway is recorded on their Certificates, this recognises that most Belted Galloways in Australia have other breeds in them but encourages breeding for higher purity: the term in Australia for a 93.75% animal is pure; confusing isn’t it.

For White Galloways, the Herdbook is composed of Foundation White Galloways with most supplemented by Galloway genetics. No White Galloways, including those without a colour pattern coat, can migrate to the Galloways Australia Galloway Herdbook. Galloways Australia considers White Galloway breed preservation should be a subject for discussion at this type of gatherings. A genetically responsible way forward should be determined, I have a discussion paper that I’ll discuss with interested parties over coming days.


Galloways Australia actively promotes the health benefits of Galloway breeds’ beef. Much of the early data came from testing undertaken by Dr Butson in the early 90s, the testing was carried out here at the University of Guelph. Some of Dr Butson’s data points are duplicated below. However, there comes a time when more specific data needs to be presented to customers and the general public. Galloways Australia now has test results from four cuts of beef that CONFIRMS Galloway beef IS healthy beef.

Beef from two 480kg, 22 month old steers was analysed: as expected the beef was marbled. Dressing percentage was 54%, rump fat was 9mm. The whole carcases were dry aged for 15 days after slaughter.


In Australia, Food Standards Australia regularly tests a wide range of foods and routinely publishes the results as standards for that food. The testing includes a number of cuts of meat. Sampling for beef is usually undertaken across a number of cities and a range of supermarkets, traditional butchers and specialty butchers. Each cut’s preparation is described i.e. amount of trim. The actual beef analysis is undertaken by the Australian Government’s National Measurement Institute.

The Galloway beef samples of rump, round, mince and plain, gluten free sausage were also analysed at the National Measurement Institute and were trimmed to Food Standards Australia’s specifications. These actions enable a direct comparison between the Food Standards Australia’s standard for that cut of beef and the tested Galloway beef. The Galloway beef tests could involve the analysis of more 70 minerals, vitamins and chemicals mainly fatty acids.

There are also some comparisons with USDA whole carcase results provided.

Results and Discussion of Relevance.

These results are the proprietary information of Galloways Australia and they are being classified as such. If associations wish to use the results, agreement to their use will not normally be withheld providing their source is acknowledged. Each full test costs around A$1,000.

The pattern of results were largely consistent across the range of cuts. To minimise the amount of data shown, rump steak will be used as an example and the data is restricted to major points.

Attribute Galloway FSA USDA
Total fat (g/100g) 1.8 5.6 12.73
Saturated fat (g/100g) 0.9 2.1 5.335
Energy (kj) 520 546 805

These results show that Galloway beef is exceptionally low in total fat and particularly low in saturated fats. Saturated fat raises harmful Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) and are associated with heart disease. Galloway beef is good for your heart. Having a lower energy level also reduces obesity.  

Protein (g/100g) 24.8 20 19.42

Proteins are made up of amino acids. These help build and repair cells and tissue, form antibodies, carry oxygen, regulate blood sugar, regulate energy, assist prevention of arterial fat build up. Galloway beef has 25% more protein and is good for sugar and energy regulation and cell repair.

Omega 6:3 ratio 1.9 N/S N/S

However "normal” beef often has a ratio above 10. The lower the ratio the better. A low ratio is associated with a host of good health benefits. A ratio below 2-3:1 suppresses arthritis inflammation, less than 5:1 benefits asthma sufferers, less than 4:1 decreases the risk of cardiovascular mortality by 70% (Ref The Galloway Omega 6:3 ratio is extremely good, even exceptional.

Cholesterol (mg/100g) 46 62 62

Galloway beef is 25% lower in cholesterol and higher in “good” HDL cholesterols. Again Galloway beef is good for your heart

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)         11                    NS

CLA has been found to be a potent anti-cancer agent, it is found in marbling fat i.e. a Galloway characteristic. A level of 11 is very high, the highest level in the literature is 12.5, most levels are around 2.5-3. A significant Galloway health advantage.

beta-carotene (Vit. A) ug/100g 30 10 0

beta-carotene is converted to Vitamin A which is needed for good vision and eye health. It also acts as an antioxidant protecting the body from damaging free radicals, it can help reduce heart disease and cancer. Galloway beef had significantly more beta-carotene.

Zinc (mg/kg) 44 39.5 45.4

Zinc is essential for immune functions, protein synthesis, wound healing and cell division. Galloway beef has at least 10% more zinc.

Iron (mg/kg)   28 20.6 19.9

Essential for transport of oxygen in the blood, low levels lead to fatigue, tiredness and decreased immune function. Galloway beef is rich in iron.


To finish off I’ll partly reproduce Dr Butson’s conclusions and add Galloway beef.

  Galloway Belted Galloway Chicken Pork Salmon
Total fat 1.8 2.71 2.7 5.8 6.7
Saturated fat 0.9 1.23 0.6 2.0 1.5

Dr Butson concluded Belted Galloway meat is more beneficial than pork loin and almost as good as roasting chicken and salmon fillet.

The Galloway results on that basis would have to conclude that Galloway beef, as tested, is better than all of them.

Thank you.